Can BBQ change the world?

Do you believe? Yeah you heard me, do you believe that BBQ can change the world? We believe. We believe that it can change the world and make life a little happier for each of us. Our tag line is "Soul-Saving Barbeque". We embark on this great quest again. In March we will kick off "Que for a Cause" for 2014 and make it our mission to help those in need or show our support for local non-profits as well as those serving in the mission field locally and abroad.

We don't do this alone. Our hope is that you will be encouraged to eat some Righteous 'Que and enjoy it not just for its tastiness, but that you will be helping us raise funds and showing support for each sponsor. All you have to do is eat, we will do the rest.

Que for a Cause 2014 will run through November. Not all dates have sponsors yet. Can you help us fill those spots?

Our next event will be a mini Que for a Cause on Friday, March 7th from 3pm to 9pm. Proceeds will go to Andrew and Claire Walden's upcoming mission trip serving orphans in Zimbabwe. Andrew is on staff at North Metro Church and Claire is a teacher at Fellowship Christian School. They depart March 29th.

Our next full day Que for a Cause will be March 22nd. We will be raising funds for Tracy Crosson, mother of four - ages 3 months to 12 years, who experienced cardiac arrest on Friday, February 21st. Tracy's husband, Marietta attorney Ken Crosson, began CPR within a minute undoubtedly saving her life. You can read more about Tracy's story here.

Eat Que, Do Good, Bring Hope........Righteous 'Que

Que for a Cause 2013

Winter Weather 2014

We will now be closed Thursday February 13th because of the winter weather. We couldn't even make it to the store to put food on for tomorrow. Friday is looking like opening day since the temperature will actually be above freezing.

Stay warm!

Monday Isn't Boring Anymore...

Today is our first Monday and it won't be the last. We have updated our hours to run Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm. Too many people keep showing up on Mondays not to. Our change in hours comes form direct input from our favorite regulars and our new guests.

We really like getting feedback form our raving fans!