Our Story

I am not quite sure how my story really started. I just know I have always loved the smell of wood cooking meat. Smoke rolling out of a smoker that is being tended by a pit-master that is in search of perfection. Barbeque is an art form and the process is long. The same is for me, the process has been long. My career has taken me in and out of the restaurant business. I have worked in insurance, direct sales, and group sales. There is just something that keeps bringing me back to the store. So my love for the restaurant and barbeque have come together. Truett Cathy said in his biography "the chicken sandwich was an unexpected opportunity". I believe that this is mine. The opportunity to serve people and to serve them some Righteous 'Que. I might not be the next Truett Cathy, but I am going to work with the same passion and spirit and let God do the rest.

The story continues....

As the business grows so does the Righteous 'Que Family. Toby Sellers and his amazing family have joined us as partners. Toby and his family have played a pivotal part in opening the store front and helping the business continue to grow. The future is brighter then ever. 

From our families and my-self, we look forward to serving you, and thank you for the opportunity.

- Patrick