Que for a Cause February 7th 2015 - The Berry Family

Natalie was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, a bone marrow failure disease, in February of 2012, treated in March of 2012 and by that summer, was pretty much in remission.  She was active and "normal" until a routine biopsy in November of 2014 revealed the disease was back.  She was treated again in November of 2014, and while she is responding, the likelihood of the disease's return as lead her doctors to recommend a bone marrow transplant. 

Be The Match is a national registry for bone marrow donors.  To register each donor, it costs the organization around $100.  We are helping raise money to offset that cost.  And, at the same time, we are supporting Natalie emotionally as she goes through a bone marrow transplant. And here is the link to Be The Match if you need more specific information:  http://www.bethematch.com/

BBQ can change the world. Proceeds from February 7th go to BE The Match in honor of the Berry Family.

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